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Université de Bordeaux

Why choose us?

Agricultural sciences have long been a strong focus in terms of training and research at the University of Bordeaux and its local partners, Bordeaux Sciences Agro and the French National Institute for Agronomy and Environment (INRAE). This focus is highlighted by the results of the 2022 Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, ranking agricultural sciences (76-100) as one of the University of Bordeaux’s strongest academic topics.

Building on this unique association of academic and scientific collaborations, the recent launch of the Bordeaux Plant Sciences Major Research Programme (Grand Programme de Recherche - GPR) is testimony to the University of Bordeaux’s expertise and ambition in terms of research and for the development of a more resilient agriculture that is equally respectful of the environment.

In addition, agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture all play a major role in the regional economy. Considerable investments are made in the agricultural sector (10% of the regional budget versus a national average of 4%). New Aquitaine is the top region in France for the production of fine wines. It also leads for corn, tobacco, dry prunes, strawberries, kiwis, nuts, sweet corn, geese, ducks and quails. The region is particularly renowned as the main producer of “foie gras”. This intensive agricultural production is complemented by farming practices especially in the Pyrenees and in the foothills of the Massif Central. Finally, New Aquitaine is home to the largest forest area in Europe, known as the “Landes” forest, occupying 900,000 hectares.